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Mother and Baby

Postpartum Preparation & Care

What is the fourth trimester? 

Does it require preparation? 

The fourth trimester is the three-month period that immediately follows the birth of your baby. It is a  time when your family adjusts to a new life together. From learning to feed, caring for your baby, and meeting your own needs, the fourth trimester requires as much preparation, if not more, as the birth.

Set yourself up to thrive by setting realistic expectations and establishing a support network. This is a period in your life where your village is more important than ever!

It's a common misunderstanding that a birth education class is the only class you should take before having a baby. We disagree.

Taking at least one postpartum preparation class can go a long way to making the fourth trimester attachment-focused and less stressful. 

Learn ahead of time to breastfeed (it's not as intuitive as it seems), and spend time learning about meal planning, and how to share parenting responsibilities. 

Parents with Newborn Baby
Sleeping Siblings

Join Our Live Postpartum Support Group with Baby in Arms

Fourth Trimester
from Embracing Parenting

First Three Months With New Baby
FREE Group

Thursdays at 1:00


Join  us in late pregnancy through the first 12 weeks after birth for a FREE gathering to check in about all things postpartum including breastfeeding, pumping, newborn sleep, postpartum bodies, co-parenting and thriving with your growing family. To join this group, simply email us for the zoom link.

Nursing Newborn

Class Dates for 2024

Select the date you would like to book below to register and pay the week before your class. Beyond Birth + Nourishing Baby can be taken together at a discount.
Some midwives cover the cost of these classes

Beyond Birth & Nourishing Baby are available as a bundle.
Add both to your cart and use coupon code POSTPARTUM for a $15 discount. 

Beyond Birth: Newborn Essentials

Postpartum planning, newborn care, early parenting and intro to feeding

May 28

Tuesday at 6PM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

August 27

Tuesday at 6PM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

November 5

Tuesday at 6PM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

Nourishing Baby & Yourself

Comprehensive Infant Feeding Course

June 1

Saturday at 10 AM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

September 12

Thursday at 6 PM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

November 21

Thursday at 6 PM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

Here We Go Again

A Refresher for Newborn Care & Feeding + Sibling Preparation

June 23

Sundayday at 2 PM
Course Duration: 2 hrs
with Katie DaMota

Birth Trauma-9.png

Join skilled facilitator Chanti Smith in this 5-week-long support group in preventing and healing trauma in the childbearing years. In this small group series, participants will have an opportunity to: 


- Make sense of challenging and profoundly impactful birth and perinatal


- Understand what trauma is 

- Learn how to stay connected to health and resilience in upcoming birthing


- Learn simple techniques to calm the nervous system 

- Experience a safe and nourishing space for healing together in community 


Tuesdays from 12:00-1:15 on ZOOM


Spring Dates:

April 2, 9, 16, 30 and May 7th


Fall Dates:

Oct 8, 15, 22, 29, and Nov 12


$200- $125 sliding scale

For Questions and to Register Visit Embodied Beginnings




with Katie DaMota

Katie teaches the postpartum classes listed above and is available for a private consultation prenatally or during the postpartum.

She holds a master's degree in Maternal and Child Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, and held a certification in lactation for 15 years. Her extensive background in the fields of child development and women's health has allowed her to make a career of her passion for guiding parents to make healthy decisions for themselves and their children.

Email Katie DaMota



with Ashlee Sakaishi-Wilkin

Ashlee deeply believes in the power of women to birth their babies and the importance for mothers and families to receive supportive care. As an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, birth doula, ​and massage therapist, she aims to ease the transition into parenthood for new families through nourishing food and rejuvenating bodywork. Ashlee has formally studied Nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic bodywork, Labor Doula support, Herbalism, and Ayurvedic postpartum care.

Email Ashlee Wilkin

Coming Soon!
A Nest Lactation Support Network

The Nest is currently working to secure grant funding to expand our breastfeeding support in Nevada County. We are hoping to add four Lactation Counselors to our team to better provide local and in-person lactation support to families. 

Need additional parenting content?
check out our expert led podcast

A practical and experience-based discussions on babies, births, pregnancy, and early parenthood. Listen in each week as Katie DaMota, a parenting mentor and lactation consultant, and David Arrell, Men’s Coach and author of Welcome To Fatherhood, get together and bring real world experience and authentic voices to all things baby. 

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