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Allegra Lucas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and 15 years of experience working as a clinician and group facilitator. Allegra is also a mother of two girls under the age of five. I’m her career, Allegra has served various populations including Women in Recovery, Single mothers and their children for family therapy as well as at risk youth in SFUSD.

Allegra has been in private practice since 2017. She provides therapy for adult individuals who suffer from emotional distress, anxiety, depression, grief, substance use or abuse, trauma, and other life challenges. She also provides couples counseling for premarital couples, couples who struggle with communication, infidelity, trust, stress related disconnection, in addition to sex and intimacy issues.

Allegra has a special interest in supporting new mothers with their transition into parenthood. She has experience working with prenatal and post partum depression and anxiety. She also works with mothers who have experience traumatic births.

Allegra also uses Emotionally Focused Therapy to  help support couples who are preparing to have children or who are growing their families.

Allegra has a very authentic presence. She will gently attune to you naturally and allow you to guide the session to the areas where you are ready to grow and develop. She also can evoke a more directive approach when clients desire more structure. 

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Chanti Smith

Midwife, SEP, LM, CPM

Midwifery is one of the oldest professions. Traditionally, midwives didn’t only catch babies, they were community healers, shamans, spiritual counselors, and herbalists. It is in this ancient scope of practice that Chanti works, supporting parents, babies, individuals, and groups. 


Chanti began her journey into the healing arts in 1995 and is a midwife, advanced prenatal, birth and attachment therapy practitioner, somatic experiencing® practitioner; holistic pelvic care® practitioner; hypnobirthing childbirth education instructor, yoga teacher; massage therapist specializing in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, acupressure, zero balancing, jin shin jyutsu, and chi nei tsang; infant massage instructor; lactation specialist; ancestral lineage healing practitioner; frequency specific microcurrent practitioner; and western herbalist. 


Chanti is committed to supporting families from preconception through postpartum in preventing and healing from trauma, and making sense of deeply impactful fertility, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experiences. Chanti also is passionate in supporting reproductive trauma healing (pregnancy loss, abortion, and reproductive health). 


Chanti also specializes in supporting birth workers and health care professionals who are wanting support around burnout and self-care, healing from vicarious trauma, or their own early imprints, and loves to teach skills classes to birth workers. 


In the past few years Chanti’s work has naturally evolved into supporting parents in the early years of parenting, especially now that she is a mother. Chanti is a solo mom by choice to a terrifically spirited 5 year old boy and has experienced first hand the joys and challenges of parenting in today’s world.


Chanti supports families and individuals here in Grass Valley/Nevada City and globally via online sessions and offerings.

Contact her at:


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