Anna Werderitsch L.A.C.

Mother, wife, acupuncturist, folk herbalist, kitchen witch, medicine maker, wild plant forager, recipe writer, teacher, and forever a student. The plants made me do it. They lead me to healing and alternative medicine.
At three years old, I gathered miner’s lettuce, chickweed, nasturtiums, and other wild greens and flowers for our salads. I sought refuge in the woods behind our West Marin home, and opened wild cucumber pods, squished snowberries between my fingers, and mixed ceanothus blossoms with my spit to “wash” my hands with their honey scent.

The plants witness me, inspire me, speak to me, listen to me, and return me to myself when I am lost. I am forever grateful and in awe of their presence in my life. Using plants as medicine makes sure we are connected to and humbled by nature. I am in service to the plants and their survival. We have an ancient memory of being in harmony with nature, knowing what we can eat, what we can make tea out of, and what we can use to heal.
This memory has guided me through my life to remind me to remain in deep relation to nature, folk herbalism, and the roots of healing.
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