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 Virtual Parenting Conversations

Our virtual groups offer bite-sized parenting support from birth through preschool ages with plans for expanding through teen years!

These  gatherings are led by one of our experienced parenting educators and are a great way to explore relevant topics, ask questions, and/or simply connect to other families.


In addition to the ongoing gatherings listed below, your monthly subscription includes:

  • Access to our private Signal chat groups to stay connected with the families in your weekly gatherings

  • Monthly Saturday meet-ups for working parents

  • Discounts on participating classes

  • Access to our lending library with books and baby wraps

  • Join LIVE conversations with our experts during the Nest on TAPP

  • Monthly park days for local families

  • Bi-monthly Book Club meet ups are new for 2023!

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 Our groups are designed to help you sift through parenting decisions, learn about a range of parenting approaches and most of all we are here to listen to your stories and connect you with other parents. For the most part, we're considering responsive, respectful and conscious parenting approaches together. That said, we're also always acknowledging the level of self compassion and grace required to parent with greater intention. We welcome your unique experience.


Once you subscribe, you'll have access to the Zoom links for ALL groups as well as the Signal and WhatsApp private chat group links to join the conversations and join in-person opportunities for those interested. We also meet ONE SATURDAY morning per month for working or busy parents who can't join on weekdays. You're always welcome to join audio only from anywhere, babies and children are welcome to be with you however these are not conversations centered for children to necessarily participate (although we all love baby smiles and toddler shares). These is time to set aside for you to connect with other adults and share in the journey together.

Find out more by exploring our group descriptions below: 


Early postpartum group Thursdays at 1:00

Join  us in late pregnancy through the first 12 weeks after birth for a FREE gathering to check in about all things postpartum including breastfeeding, pumping, newborn sleep, postpartum bodies, co-parenting and thriving with your growing family. To join this group, simply email us for the zoom link.

Nursing Newborn
2-9 months
Meet Wednesdays at 11:00

This gathering is for new parents with babes 2 - 6 months old. We'll share insight into things like why newborns like to be held, why they enjoy movement and constant contact. Other common topics include infant feeding, co-parenting, maternal health, language development,  responsive parenting and more!

Image by Chiến Phạm
9-15 months
Meet Wednesdays at 1:00

We will share parenting topics about all things baby: solid foods, crawling and development, sleep, attachment, reading baby cues, finding a peaceful rhythm, establishing trust, and parental self-care. Together we'll discover all of the ways to parenting respectfully, mindfully, and responsively right from the start.

Image by Lubomirkin
Second year
Meet Mondays at 2:00 or Thursdays at 11:00

We'll talk all about the emerging child's joys and challenges: picky eaters, breastfeeding/weaning, sleep, tantrums, aggression, and more. Toddlers are full of budding emotions, new skills, and independence. Keeping up with their changes with developmentally appropriate responses can be a challenge, let's make some space to explore together. You're not alone!

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Motherhood Mondays

From pregnancy through parenting
Meets on Mondays at 11:00

We have just added a motherhood weekly check -in on Monday mornings. Sometimes motherhood is overwhelming. Join other mothers for a supportive community send off for your week. We'll cover topics like self compassion, radical acceptance, integrating parts of yourself, co-parenting, cultivating intimacy and more! 

Mother and Daughter
From pregnancy through parenting
Meets on the last Thursday of the month at 6:00

Fathers are welcome to join David Arrell, author of Welcome To Fatherhood and class instructor here at the Nest, for a new monthly meetup group focused on becoming a Father. David tries to bring equal parts wit and wisdom to the Dad life conversation. He encourages men to embrace their sacred individuality and supports them in their pregnancy to parenthood journey. 

Father and Daughter

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