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Katie DaMota

Early Parent Coach and Lactation Consultant

I am the founder of The Nest, a mother, lactation consultant and caring early parenting support. I'm happy to sit together at any stage from pregnancy through the first few years to co-create your plan for more peaceful days and nights.

Common Concerns:

  • Feeding issues for all stages

  • Supporting or preparing new siblings

  • Sleep questions

  • All aspects of toddlerhood: boundaries, emotions, sharing, 'aggressive' behavior and transitions

My goal is to help you listen to your own parenting compass to find solutions that are aligned with your values, hopes and expectations for parenthood. Sometimes it's an effort in re-framing or finding radical acceptance in the unexpected. I am definitely devoted to making sure everyone's needs are met, including your child's, and that we are always considering developmentally appropriate steps.

Reach out for a free discovery call:


text: 510-415-2193


Lara Elfstrand

Parent Coach and Doula

Hi!  I’m Lara Elfstrand.  I am ALIVE: authentic, a learner, intuitive, vibrant, and empathetic. And I love to savor the preciousness of life, of the present moment, and the joy of spending time serving parents and their children.  What makes my heart sing is to watch parents and children as they grow in love, respect, and empathy for each other.  I feel most alive when I can create an environment where parents and children feel safe to learn (through play whenever possible and appropriate!)


I am a postpartum doula and a "new parent sanity specialist."  Rather than feeling overwhelmed and depleted, I help new parents to get their needs met so that they emerge through the transition to parenthood stronger and more whole, and they fall in love with parenting… together.


In my classes and coaching, I offer a structured but flexible time to help transform your life as a parent to go from frazzled and overwhelmed to calm and confident. I am a guide who knows what it’s like to be an overwhelmed new parent and has over 15 years of experience working with hundreds of families with customized tools for sleep, behavior, and coparenting. So you can reduce confrontation and struggle and enjoy your family. 


I offer virtual and in-person postpartum doula services, classes, and coaching that take care of new parents. I help new parents to:

- Get more sleep

- Reduce the chance of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

- Recover from labor and bond with the new baby

- Soothe and connect with the new baby, and figure out what they need

- Support their relationship through the sleep deprivation, identity changes, and added work of early parenting, and to both feel equally competent as parents working together as a united team


I serve the greater Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville and east Sacramento areas in person, and elsewhere virtually.  I’m a lifelong learner with lots of degrees and certifications, which you can find at


You can find me me at 







ashley newton.jpg

Elevating Family

Ashley Newton

Hi! I'm Ashley :) Thanks for being curious about me and my work.

My work has been focused on supporting children since I was a child myself. Over the years I have taken on a number of roles, teacher, nanny, school director, developmental specialist, movement therapist, and auntie. Through it all, the guiding light of my clear purpose has been to support this next generation in being held with deep integrity, love, and in alignment with the transformation that is happening on our planet.

My dedicated passion of caring for children lead me to many paths of healing, as caring for them served as a clear reflection for the parts of myself that were needing help. My healing path has included: subtle somatic practices with the School for Body Mind Centering, community circle work, ritual, prayer, and medicine.

It is my joy to be creating ceremonial and healing spaces for parents, mamas to be, and children. 

When I am not working you can find me listening to birds in the wild, sitting by bodies of water, talking passionately with loved ones, and tending to my own life with food, family, prayer, and rest.

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