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Katie DaMota

Early Parenting Mentor and Lactation Consultant

I am the founder of The Nest, a mother, lactation consultant and caring early parenting support. I'm happy to sit together at any stage from pregnancy through the first few years to co-create your plan for more peaceful days and nights.

Common Concerns:

  • Feeding issues for all stages

  • Supporting or preparing new siblings

  • Sleep questions

  • All aspects of toddlerhood: boundaries, emotions, sharing, 'aggressive' behavior and transitions

My goal is to help you listen to your own parenting compass to find solutions that are aligned with your values, hopes and expectations for parenthood. Sometimes it's an effort in re-framing or finding radical acceptance in the unexpected. I am definitely devoted to making sure everyone's needs are met, including your child's, and that we are always considering developmentally appropriate steps.

Reach out for a free discovery call:
text: 510-415-2193


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David Arrell

Author and Fatherhood Mentor

David Arrell is a Consultant and Coach passionate about supporting people as they strive to create greater clarity and alignment of inner values and outer expression. David’s focus on deeper authenticity and richer relationships helps his clients thrive in today’s complex landscape of overlapping career, partnership, and parenting challenges. His recent book Welcome To Fatherhood: The Modern Man's Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Fatherhood, humorously referred to as simply WTF, is specifically tailored to encourage and support men as they grow into Fatherhood. In addition to WTF, David is also the founder and co-host of Baby Talk w/ Katie & David, a podcast that supports the pregnancy to early parenthood journey. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, Jennifer, 2 young children, Justin and Dottie, and their Chocolate Lab, Johnny Biscuits.

He has most recently launched the Welcome To Fatherhood Video Course and is available for private virtual consultations and Coaching.

Contact David:
Podcast: Baby Talk with Katie & David

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Elevating Family

Ashley Newton

Hi! I'm Ashley :) Thanks for being curious about me and my work.

My work has been focused on supporting children since I was a child myself. Over the years I have taken on a number of roles, teacher, nanny, school director, developmental specialist, movement therapist, and auntie. Through it all, the guiding light of my clear purpose has been to support this next generation in being held with deep integrity, love, and in alignment with the transformation that is happening on our planet.

My dedicated passion of caring for children lead me to many paths of healing, as caring for them served as a clear reflection for the parts of myself that were needing help. My healing path has included: subtle somatic practices with the School for Body Mind Centering, community circle work, ritual, prayer, and medicine.

It is my joy to be creating ceremonial and healing spaces for parents, mamas to be, and children. 

When I am not working you can find me listening to birds in the wild, sitting by bodies of water, talking passionately with loved ones, and tending to my own life with food, family, prayer, and rest.


Little Village

Kristi Keefe (KK)

Little Village is an intentionally small, home-based toddler program in downtown GV.  I aim to create a soft, predictable, and safe bridge from home to preschool, where your 18mo-4yr old can receive highly attuned care from an early childhood educator with over 30yrs of experience. 
I incorporate the main elements of a pre-k program: circle time, group activities, opportunities to develop independence, music, art, and movement, but I scale these experiences down to meet the developmental needs of a younger child.
I provide a primarily organic, nutrient-dense breakfast, two snacks, and lunch daily.


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Nicole Feola

Astrologer, Internal Family Systems and Conscious Parenting Coach

Nicole helps parents resource their deeper nature during times of change, and grow a family life from an internal foundation of self-acceptance, trust and creative empowerment.
For expecting parents:  There are parts of us that still lie nestled in a kind of dreaming womb space, which will be pushed into existence and Life on Land alongside the birth of our first child.  Nicole helps parents-to-be prepare themselves now for receiving, with Love and Self-leadership, the many aspects of their essential nature that will freshly unfurl upon becoming parents – and, in so doing, also become the best parent they can be for their child.  
For current parents and caregivers:  Nicole approaches parenthood in a way that feels softer, more fluid, enchanted, and held within a web of relational support and council.  She helps parents access inner clarity, while falling in love with the questions and Life as a creative experience. The more we, as the parents, remember our creative agency and trust our creative process, the more our eyes will naturally widen in awe of the unique creative being that is our child, allowing them that experience of being seen in their radiance, their magic, their wisdom and non-hierarchical genius – where they do not have to prove or make themselves out to be better than anyone else in order to belong to and be supported by an integral field of living intelligence.  We get to come alongside our kids in a wild mutual discovery of our creative nature, even while in different phases of maturity and response-ability. 
For parents of teens: Having lived, taught and worked with teenagers herself, Nicole is familiar with the potential and the challenges that this group of young people face. Teens have a heart-sensitivity to the world’s aches, a heart-fire for a better future and a strong radar for BS. They are looking for role models to show them it’s possible to inhabit their authentic voice and vision from a place of innate belonging, and how to be with core vulnerability in order to access deeper hope.  Nicole helps parents connect with their own individuation process; stand in their own truth in the face of external pressure; bring forward a new vision and cultivate an internal congruence with that vision that will really serve their relationship with their teens.
Nicole offers 1:1 consultations as well as longer-term mentorships and group membership options.  Her offerings span from introductory astrology readings; to more in-depth coaching sessions that weave together astrological and somatic contemplation with spiritual guidance; to a combination of astrology and custom flower essences that support Self-discovery and personal transformation.
Learn more at, and for longer-term coaching options, please reach out for a free discovery call.


Lindsay Miranda

Conscious Parenting Coach

Lindsay is an imperfect human, a lifelong learner, and a lover of
curiosity, play, and peace. She is currently supporting three young ones on
their path to adulthood and is passionate about supporting other
people raising kids to explore and nurture the home within us (connection to authentic self), the home between us (our relationships with others), and the home around us (our broader connectedness - community, environment, physical resting place).
She spends her conscious parenting support efforts on providing as many places as possible for people raising kids to experience meaning belonging and ongoing support through the ongoing process of parenting. To support her knowledge in this area, she has completed a B.A. in Psychology from Arizona State University, Parent Coaching Certification from the Jai Institute for Parenting, Certification in Somatic and Attachment Therapy through Embody Lab, and numerous other trainings and self-study on the topics of child development, attachment science (developmental), Polyvagal Theory (nervous system science), Non-Violent Communication,
Interpersonal Neurobiology, somatic parts work, etc.
She is also just a person, who is very much "in this work" with you. She is
committed to showing up in these spaces, primarily to offer a place
for you to feel seen, heard, and felt, right where you are."
Contact Lindsay:


Emily Catherine

Divorce Coach and Single Parent Community Builder

Emily Catherine is a Certified Divorce Coach and community builder with a passion for supporting single parents. She holds MAs in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and Counseling from Santa Clara University. Emily is a Qualified Teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a trained postpartum doula, and has studied respectful parenting practices with Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE®). She integrates parental wellness with respectful parenting practices to support parents and their children at every stage. 

Contact Emily:
coming soon!

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