Most parents will say that they want their kids to grow up be happy. But how do we raise kids in ways that support them in becoming happy?
Psychological research has shown that people who report being “happy” in their lives, have higher levels of emotional intelligence. 


The capacity to feel, communicate, and reflect on our own feelings in relationship to others is at the core of a socially connected life and at the center of true happiness.


The ways we interact with our kids in day to day life either supports emotional intelligence or interferes with it. Many common parenting practices (distracting kids from crying, telling kids to calm down, forcing them to apologize to others) disrupts healthy emotional development. 


In this class we will cover the basics of emotional intelligence and give you practical strategies to make your home life feel more connected, and to help you in your goal of raising emotionally healthy kids.  


Topics Include: 


Emotions as embodied states that come and go 


Unlearning emotional suppression strategies with kids


Listening and supporting big feelings


Accepting feelings while still holding boundaries on harmful behaviors 


Liberating codependence by working directly with needs


A new definition of empathy 

About the instructor: 

Ashley Newton is a truly holistic practitioner who integrates child development, somatics, mental health, and connection to spirit in her work with children and families.
She teaches classes and offers parent coaching to help parents take care of their children in deeply loving and elevating ways as we collectively turn to creating more peace and creativity in a time of so much challenge and change.  


You can find out more about her and her offerings on IG and her Website. 


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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids