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This is weekly, drop-in class on Thursdays 10:30-11:45 on site at The Nest


Join us for a fusion of yoga, Pilates, strength training and meditation. Dive deep into your body, connect with baby and other mama’s. Create a balance of strength and flexibility as well as mental calm to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond. Class is safe through our entire pregnancy.


Michele Appleby has lived in Nevada county for 20 years and has been passionate about and studying the healing arts for 22 years. She began her journey with massage therapy and soon after began her studies in Yoga and Pilates. She has taught group classes for the last 18 years at local studios as well as studios in Sacramento and Hawaii. She works with pre-natal clients doing body work as well as one on one sessions of pre-natal Pilates and yoga. This will be her first group pre-natal class she is offering and she’s so excited! She has a 16 year old son who she birthed at home and she absolutely loved taking pre-natal yoga and Pilates classes 2-3 days a week through out her entire pregnancy. She feels that regular practice helped her have such a great experience and healthy pregnancy and birth and she’s so excited to share these benefits with you! 


This class is offered at a sliding scale of $15-$25 per class ($15-$20 for subscribers and $20-$25 for non subscribers) however we are limited in our pricing options via our website. The full price is listed and if you are a Nest Subscriber, enter the promo code 'subsriber pilates' for $5 off of each class. If you need an additional sliding scale, speak with Michele on site.

Prenatal Stretch & Strengthen