They've always said that there is no instruction manual for how to be a parent - but this is the closest thing to it! Your monthly subscription will  give you access to practical, applicable guidance for how to navigate everything parenthood; from prenatal through the first years of your child's life! Not only do our cohorts offer content and guidance, they are an invaluable source of connection and community so that you have help and develop friendships along the way.


We think of them as cohorts because families stick together at the same time each week even as their babies grow and new groups form each quarter for the youngest babies.  Each gathering meets via zoom, audio only is always okay. A private chat group is available for each cohort of families which provides additional opportunities for community and in-person meet ups.


NOTE: these groups are not meant for socialization for babies or toddlers however they are always welcome to join you. These groups have become parent circles meant to provide support for you.


We are currently offering two payment options: both are continuous, monthly payments either through this site or via PayPal. Within 1 business day you'll receive a welcome email with instructions for how to join your weekly gathering. At the moment, all of our gatherings are virtual via Zoom. You are welcome to pop into different groups to find the right fit or pop into different groups from week to week as it works for your schedule.


IF YOU'D LIKE TO TRY ONE FIRST OR YOU'D LIKE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  reach out via phone 530-637-8411 or email


Current Schedule (ages are approximate and always changing as the cohort ages - join when it works for your family):

Monday: Turning One 10 months and older at 11:00 PST

Monday:  Toddlers 18 months - 3 yrs at 2:00 PST

Wednesday: Swaddlers 3 months and older at 11:00 PST

Wednesday: Turning Waddlers 6 months and older at 1:00 PST

Thursday: Toddler 12 - 18 months  at 11:00 PST

Thursday: Fourth Trimester (newborns) 1:00 PST

Friday: Embracing Pregnancy at 5:00 PST


Our cohorts host families from all over the country. Everyone is welcome to join! If you have any questions, feel free to call 530-637-8411 or email anytime.


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