Join us for a comprehensive workshop in preparation to welcome your newest baby. The class objective is to prepare you to thrive through postpartum as your family and your heart expand. 


Topics Include:

  1.  Newborn Feeding Reminders 
  2. Plan for Success with Breastfeeding
  3. Newborn Behavior Refresh
  4. Exploring Realistic Expectations
  5. Postpartum Re-do: implementing new ideas this time
  6. Preparation for parenting one more
  7. Sibling Preparation: things to talk about prenatally and ways to respond in postpartum, expectations for older baby/child behavior, tips for connecting
  8. Parenting practices to support a peaceful transition


We trust you to thrive through parenting and find joy and peace through these big transitions. This class is designed to support you to feel confident and prepared. Taught by Katie DaMota, IBCLC and early parenting educator.

The whole family is welcome to join!


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  • If you are a Mariposa Birth Center client, you may register without payment: please enter the code: 'Offline Payment' in the coupon box.


This class will continue to be offered on Zoom. If you cannot make the live class or you don't have access to Zoom, choose the 'recorded class' option and we'll email you the link. Scholarships are also available to those in financial need.


Here We Go Again (newborn refresh + sibling prep)