Knowing how and when to hold boundaries with kids can be really challenging! We want to support kids in expressing feelings and having a voice, and also don’t want to raise them to be self centered or inconsiderate of other people's needs. We want them to be truly themselves, to shine brightly, and speak their truth! We want to be able to feel a sense of cooperation with them instead of feeling like day to day life is a battle of wills.  


Kids can actually feel more relaxed, and even free, when we hold clear, consistent, and loving boundaries with them.


This will be a quick class on a big topic!
We will cover:
- The necessary foundations of wellbeing and internal listening
- Learning to lighten up when possible and set boundaries in playful ways
- Making space for emotional intimacy
- Creating family rhythms that reduce needs for boundaries around body and home tending (brushing teeth, eating, cleaning)
- Q and A time so you can ask about your specific family needs


This class will be taught by Ashley Newton. Ashley is a truly holistic practitioner who integrates child development, somatics, mental health, and connection to spirit in her work with children and families.She teaches classes and offers parent coaching to help parents take care of their children in deeply loving and elevating ways as we collectively turn to creating more peace and creativity in a time of so much challenge and change. You can find out more about her and her offerings on IG and her Website.


ALL classes are currently offered virtually at this time. If you'd like to attend but cannot make the class date or you don't have access to Zoom, most classes are also recorded and available afterward. Scholarships are also available to those in financial need.


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Creating Clear and Loving Boundaries With Young Children