This is a conversational class for midwives, nurses and doulas to increase your confidence working with breastfeeding families. Taught by Katie Damota, MAS, IBCLC who has 12 years of experience working with breastfeeding families in a variety of clinical settings. She has 30 years of experience working with famillies, specifically infants and teaches a variety of classes and weekly support groups.


We'll cover the basics and beyond including effects of birth interventions on breastfeeding, maternal mental health, importance of support systems, factors for a healthy milk prodution, tongue tie and other anomalies plus we'll look at when breastfeeding really isn't the issue.


This class has not been submitted for CE approval but the course curriculum and hours and other details can be provided to be considered for approval from your individual certifying body. 


Sliding scale and trade are always available. Babies are always welcome.


This is a Zoom or virtual class and we will take 3 breaks for you to take your eyes off the screen. We will incorporate break-out rooms for small discussion and conversation is highly encouraged. Feel free to reach out with your questions or concerns.

Breastfeeding Management for Birth Professionals

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