A workshop for parents to be to create a nourishing and supported postpartum plan for you and your growing family.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the physiological need for rest, recuperation, and healing
  • Understand the benefits of receiving support during this critical time period
  • Understand the time tested postpartum healing traditions from around the world
  • Begin the process of formulating your own postpartum care plan with the support of a thorough Nurtured Postpartum Planning worksheet
  • Have a clear idea of who and how to gather your community to support you and your family during this important time


Our Nurtured Postpartum Plan class is designed to provide all expecting families with a concrete and tangible understanding of postpartum healing and a clear plan to gather your large or small community for proper support during your postpartum period.  


Participants will be introduced to the common factors amongst all postpartum healing traditions and will gain an understanding of why this time is so important for mothers, babies, and families. We will cover the immediate and long term benefits of receiving support, the most important factors of care, how and who should be on your care team, we will walk through an extensive postpartum planning worksheet for you to take home and utilize for the most supported experience, and so much more. This class is ideal for all expecting parents who want to be able to bond with their baby, focus on their healing, and have all of the other tasks in their household taken care of by community, family, friends, and/or professional support.  This class is for families who recognize that raising children is not meant to be done in isolation but instead offers an opportunity to lean into and create community around us as we embark on the journey of parenting. 


Class participants are encouraged to bring their favorite pens or pencils, their list of chores they do around the house, and an open mind and heart to create a collaborative care plan. 


Topics include:


  • Physiology of postpartum healing including hormonal shifts
  • Physiology of digestion and elimination through birth and early postpartum
  • 5 principles of all postpartum traditions and how to implement them
  • Nutrition: which kinds foods are appropriate for postpartum by week and why
  • How to individualize your meal plan to fit your flavor preferences and digestive ability
  • Self care - why, what, and how
  • Daily and weekly tasks to keep your home running smooth
  • 2 layers of inner circle support for each parent
  • 2 layers of support around both parents
  • Outer layers of support
  • Professional support resources

Course Length: 3.5 hours (with a short break)


Instructor: Ashlee Sakaishi Wilkin, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, CMT, labor doula, BS Nutrition, Birth Story Listening Mentor, Innate Provider, CSWS Faculty Instructor


Ashlee is an experienced practitioner supporting families from preconception through postpartum and beyond. Her focus is on utilizing the principles of Ayurvedic medicine to guide mothers and their families toward an optimum state of health with the support of their community or extended family.  She believes this work is revolutionary in bringing a cultural paradigm shift toward collaboration and nurturing new parents as they nurture their children. 

The Nurtured Postpartum Plan