Lauren Duchene

Imaginative Movement with Lauren was created for moms and their children to access quality classes that are playful, nurturing, and empowering!  I firmly believe that fitness is about honoring and loving our bodies.

Your subscription includes a full On-Demand library of Children's Dance, Pilates, and Barre Classes. In addition, there are Prenatal and Postnatal specific classes to safely exercise during all phases of motherhood.

Lauren has been a dance and fitness teacher for almost 20 years and is passionate about joyful movement, body positivity, and supporting families.

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Diana Zic

CocoonCare is a holistic wellness space for prenatal and postpartum women.


We offer

  • Pre and Postnatal Fitness and Yoga

  • Yoga for Childbirth

  • Postpartum Recovery

  • Baby and Me Yoga Workshops

  • Health Coaching Support to prenatal and postnatal women


Diana, the owner of CocoonCare, has brought her unique perspective and experience with subfertility to her conception of her rainbow baby, 14 years of yoga experience, and Integrative and Functional Medicine training to the community. Her straightforward approach to helping women create the cocoon of care they need on their motherhood journey is something every mom should seek.

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