They've always said that there is no instruction manual for how to be a parent - but this is the closest thing to it! Join one of our cohorts to access practical, applicable guidance for how to navigate everything parenthood; from prenatal through the first years of your child's life! Not only do our cohorts offer content and guidance, but they are also an invaluable source of connection and community so that you have help and develop friendships along the way. You are not alone!

Subscriptions include:

- Free access to weekly, virtual gatherings (choose one below)

- Discounts on courses

- Access to the Nest's private Facebook group

- Free access to guest speaker events and archived podcasts


Our weekly gatherings support you from pregnancy through the first two years of your child's life. Join us wherever you are on your journey.

Each gathering is led by an experienced educator who will share timely topics to help you form a respectful relationship with your child. Our groups are designed to help you solve parenting dilemmas, learn a range of parenting approaches and most of all we are here to listen to your concerns and connect you with other parents. Once you subscribe, you'll have access to the Zoom links to join each week.  Find out more by exploring our groups!

A prenatal group

Make time to savor the joy, growth, and challenges of pregnancy. This group dives deeper into the prenatal journey than an office visit. Get answers to all your questions, self-care ideas, birth preparation, practice relaxation and build confidence for birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.

(0-3 months)

This gathering is for new parents from birth - 3 months old. We'll cover the fourth trimester and share insight into things like why newborns like to be held, why they enjoy movement and constant contact. Other common topics include infant feeding, soothing, maternal health,  infant development and communication. 

First year

We will share parenting topics about all things baby: solid foods, crawling and development, sleep, connecting, reading baby cues, finding a peaceful rhythm, establishing trust, and mama self-care. Together we'll discover all of the ways to parenting respectfully, mindfully, and responsively right from the start.

Second year

The emerging child's joys and challenges: picky eaters, breastfeeding/weaning, sleep, tantrums, aggression, and more. Toddlers are full of budding emotions, new skills, and independence. Keeping up with their changes with developmentally appropriate responses can be a challenge.

More than one

This group focuses mostly on early parenting and the challenges of caring for a new baby while also parenting older children. We'll share tips and parenting hacks but also process the emotions that arise when bringing in a new baby to your family. Parents can join at any stage although we will focus on babies and siblings who are 6 and under.

We are only open during events or by appointment.
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